Lucy has been away from her family for over a year. It is time to do the right thing and bring her home. Gallagher's Army is accepting donations to help defray the legal costs incurred by Lucy's family as they fight to bring her home.
Please use the DONATE button below to support this effort. You can use credit or debit cards or a PayPal account to make your donation. Help get Lucy back to the family where she belongs.

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All funds go to support the legal costs incurred to BRING LUCY HOME.
Excess funds, if any, will be donated to the Greenville Humane Society.

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Mike Gallagher listeners know all about Gallagher's Army. Over the years listeners have helped support efforts to better the lives of others and generally make this country a better place to live. Through the efforts of "Gallagher's Army" we have been able to offer educational assistance to students who have lost a parent in the War on Terror; assist the families of police officers, fire fighters and other first responders; build houses for the poor in Jamaica and rescue pets in horrible situations. Check frequently to get an update on our latest project.


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